Hi, welcome to my page!
I graduated from the University of Michigan College of Engineering and have a few years of experience in the industry as a Software Engineer.

Armed with a never-ending curiosity, an eagerness to learn, and a passion to create, Computer Science was a route I never doubted following.

In my free time, I love to listen to records, garden, and play with my dood, Bonzo. I also enjoy integrating programming into my hobbies, interests, and daily life as much as possible. I find that this is a great way to keep my love to code, while also learning new technology and frameworks along the way.
USA View
Created the first country-wide ballot dropbox and dropoff locator for the upcoming Nov 2020 General Election.
Gained invaluable first-time experience with mapping architecture (ArcGIS, Map Tile Serving, and much more).
Innovated lots of creative workarounds to avoid paying Google's expensive Map API fees.
Home Page
Gathered a collection of instrumental tabs for The Red Hot Chili Peppers.
A quick project like this was a perfect opportunity to work with Vue.js for the first time.
Featured on RHCP's main subreddit sidebar (~15K views per month).
Example still frame
Computer Vision video analyzer that calculates the optimal location for ad placement in professional sport games.
This project was an amazing introduction into OpenCV, Computer Vision, Numpy, and video processing.
Interactive Chrome and Firefox extension that uses professional trade ranks to make fantasy football online trading effortless.
(>5000 downloads during the season)
Developed an online ecommerce store to sell personal Chanel products.
This project provided insight into safe security practices and invaluable retail experience.
Team Home page (mobile)
OnRoto Fantasy Sports
Planned and implemented a mobile UX.
Replaced all existing Java functionality with JavaScript. With Java being depreciated across the web, it seemed unreliable to have some pages still rely on it.
Landing Screen
The Purple Ones
Managed the frontend and backend for a Prince cover band running on Wordpress.
Reduced the load time by 50% by compressing images, optimizing JavaScript, and removing unnecessary styles and scripts.
Landing Page
Elite Lessons
Researched and practiced the necessary languages, from scratch, to make a professional website for a startup company.
With the help of Parse to handle the backend database, more focus could be placed on learning HTML/CSS/JS and the frontend.
Ranked on experience, last use, and overall knowledge
Embedded C